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China Railway Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

Welcome to the website of China Railway Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., and we really appreciate your attention and support.


China Railway Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.is a state-owned enterprise with long history, profound culture and outstanding achievement. Since 1958 when the first cantilever launching gantry was made, there are more than one hundred launching gantries and track laying machines manufactured by our company to cut paths through the mountains and build bridges across the rivers, which play an important role in the construction of such national key projects as Chengdu-Kunming Railway, Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Nanning –Kunming Railway and so on.


Adhering to the enterprise spirit -“Strive to Challenge Limits & Achieve Excellence” and carrying forward the fine tradition of being the pioneers to pave the road, our workers are widely involved in design and construction of infrastructure home and abroad, all kinds of large-scale bridge steel structure engineering such as steel box girder, steel truss girder and steel tube arch bridge and so on, as well as the design, processing manufacturing and installation of architectural steel structure, which practices the sacred mission of creating the excellence and serving the society.


Our company, growing with exuberant vitality by seizing opportunities, deepening reform and striving for progress in market-oriented economy, has developed from a manufacturing company into an engineering and technology enterprise with diversified development and comprehensive construction enterprise, which integrated with railway construction machinery as represented by the equipment of erecting and laying on track, bridge steel structures mainly on municipal steel girder, heavy steel structure of housing construction mainly on high-rise building and track-engineering service mainly on tram; moreover, it has developed gradually from a enterprise with less competitive ability into a enterprise with stronger capability in market development and scientific competition, contributing significantly to our country and creating the unprecedented brilliant achievements.


Upholding the business philosophy that quality is life, our company wins trust and praise from the masses of users by high quality and excellent service. We hope each colleague and all the friends propose valuable advice for the development of our company and look forward to communicating and cooperating with each other, so as to create a new level for the development of the company.